Tips for Blending

Here you can find a guidance for blending your tea. There are not exact rules since everything depends on your taste. You can try and enjoy playing with the Alchemy of Tea Blending.

The Tea Blending is the art of creating an infusion mixing tea with fruits, flowers, spices, herbs and essences. However it is not only that, when looking for a blend we are usually looking for a flavor that evokes a loved place, someone important in our lives, a dream, our mood, a way to transmit sensations… that satisfies our unique palate.

Here are some tips to consider when blending your own tea:

Blending is rule free. Don’t be afraid to experiment and create, there are no recipes. It is entirely creative and mainly mood driven. That is why is so exiting!!! You can come up with unknown delicious flavors. 

The more kinds of flavors you know, the easier it will be to craft a blend. The key is to balance the flavors. Professional tea blenders spend years familiarizing themselves with a whole world of flavors (spices, fruits, essences) to being able to create their desired blend.

Taste the ingredients separately so you can imagine which ones can work together in a blend

It is better to use dehydrated ingredients than fresh ones. 

Always use ingredients of similar density and size to ensure that all are mixed evenly. 

The presence of tea should be tasted in the blend (nearly two thirds of the blend should be tea). If the tea is light, add fewer ingredients and avoid intense aromatic flavors as those ingredients suppress the inherent flavor of the tea. Remember Balance.

Look for beauty, visual, fragrance, taste, spiritual.

This is a Moral from a Tea Blend Master: “the result of the blending is 20% Inspiration and 80% Perspiration”… blending is a nice game to try, and try and try… Welcome to this fascinating World.