Niagara Countryside

Niagara Countryside

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Superb quality green tea dotted with jasmine petals, and lush peach notes with sweet overtones.
When people usually think of Niagara, they think of the Falls, bridges and casinos. What many people outside of the area don’t realize is that the countryside in the Niagara region is home to some of the most lush and rich farmland in North America. If you take a drive along any of Niagara’s country highways you will see apple, pear and peach orchards. The Niagara Peaches have a delicate profile that hints of sweet nectar which combines perfectly with the Chinese green Sencha tea and white jasmine petals we used for this blend.
Brew a pot today; drink it hot or over ice and experience summertime in Niagara.
The liquor is bright, pale green to yellow.

Ingredients: Green tea, Jasmine petals, and Natural flavors
Ingredients From: China
Antioxidant / Caffeine Level: High / Low

FOOD SAFETY ADVISORY: We strongly recommend using filtered or freshly drawn cold water brought to a rolling boil when brewing all types of tea. Today’s water has been known to carry viruses, parasites and bacteria. Boiling the water will kill these elements and reduce the potential incidence of water-borne illnesses. Once it boiled allows decreasing the temperature to reach the ideal brewing temperature.

Ideal Brewing Temperature: 75° - 80° C / 167° - 176° F