Springtime in Kyoto

Springtime in Kyoto

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Kyoto is the cultural center of Japan, several centuries ago it was the religious capital of Japan. During the springtime Kyoto is ablaze with the new season cherry blossoms and the air is filled with sweet aroma. The rose petals in this blend are intended to simulate these delicate cherry blossoms. The flavor is reminiscent of the beautiful smells of the springtime breezes.
The cherry flavoring and subtle rose hints give the tea a wonderful exotic character, fresh and smooth with sound depth and body.
Liquor tends pale yellow green.

Ingredients: Green tea, Rose petals, and Natural flavors of cherry
Ingredients From: China
Antioxidant / Caffeine Level: High / Low

FOOD SAFETY ADVISORY: We strongly recommend using filtered or freshly drawn cold water brought to a rolling boil when brewing all types of tea. Today’s water has been known to carry viruses, parasites and bacteria. Boiling the water will kill these elements and reduce the potential incidence of water-borne illnesses. Once it boiled allows decreasing the temperature to reach the ideal brewing temperature.

Ideal Brewing Temperature: 75° - 80° C / 167° - 176° F